Bouncers by John Godber tells the story of ¬†a wild night out, from the perspective of four nightclub doormen. It is an energetic, often hilarious piece of theatrical storytelling, where our heroes morph themselves into the characters, both male and female, that they meet during a typical night’s work at a town centre nightclub. The humour is both observational and physical, and is frequently punctuated with moments of pathos, as the darker, sometimes desperate sides of Godber’s characters emerge from beneath facades of ¬†carefree hedonism and masculine bravado.

In his introduction to the play, John Godber writes: ‘In many ways the content informed the form. The boredom of the men on the door spills over into grotesque violence and fantasy. The antics of the girls and boys out for a night on the town hardly need developing to make them dramatic. The conflict between those wanting a good time and those stopping a good time from being had is a basic dramatic premise . . . the central theme of Bouncers is universal: men after beer after women, and the beat goes on.’

Bouncers premiered at the Edinburgh Festival in 1984. This revised version was first presented by the Hull Truck Theatre Company in 1991.

Open Door Theatre

Founded in 2003 by Mike Smith and Steve Hyett, Open Door Theatre is an amateur group based at The Earls High School in Halesowen, West Midlands. An amorphous group, comprising actors, directors and technical staff at all levels of experience within the theatre community, Open Door welcomes anyone with an interest in theatre into their ranks. Moreover, anyone who will buy a round is doubly welcome!

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